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Here at CPR Northwest Washington we are happy to provide ongoing Adult, Child and Infant CPR, AED and First Aid Training for the dedicated staff at ACES ABA in Tacoma.

ACES and their excellent staff are committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families impacted with autism or a variety of other special needs. ACES staff provide comprehensive, professional services to maximize individuals’ potential not only in the home, but also in school and community for their whole life.

ACES applies the very latest and most widely accepted teaching and therapeutic methodologies, specifically desinged for individuals with autism.  ACES goal is to help each individual with autism and other developmental disabilities fulfill his or her maximum potential.  ACES also is able to provide a wide spectrum of services in homes, schools and communities not only in the Puget Sound and Tacoma, but also throughout the Western United States.

CPR Trained Staff

CPR Trained Staff

ACES has been in operation since 1196 with service to individuals and families impacted with autism and other developmental disabilities. “We have grown into a team of specialists with backgrounds in psychology, occupational and speech therapies, and education”.

CPR Training for ACES ABA

As a rule, ACES endevors to create a work environment that has employees with a sense of pride and worth as well as being well trained by CPR Northwest Washington so they can handle most any medical emergency. Every day, the staff at ACES is touching the lives of others, changing them for the better. It takes a very special and enthusiastic person to work at ACES which is why they want the best CPR training from CPR Northwest Washington.

Various Locations


ACES helps children and families not only in Puget Sound but all over the West Coast, and continue to build exceptional teams throughout California, Washington, Hawaii, Colorado, and Texas.

ACES Tacoma
3680 South Cedar Street, Suite A
Tacoma, WA
Tel: (253)358-0888
Fax: (253)474-3267
First Aid Trained!

First Aid Trained!