CPR Northwest Washington provided a great Adult/Child/Infant CPR certification class for the excellent  at ACES ABA  team of compassionate and experienced professionals serving individuals impacted with autism or other developmental delays.  To find out more about how ACES ABA professionals are serving individuals impacted with autism, check them out at http://www.acesaba.com/

ACES utilizes the newest, effective therapeutic methodologies that are attributed to countless success stories. Having current CPR certification and being properly trained is an important part of the ACES team of professionals who are also trained and experienced in individualized and highly effective programming for your child’s developmental level, learning style and goals.  CPR Northwest Washington is excited to partner with ACES ABA in helping to provide excellent service to individuals impacted with autism or other developmental delays.

When dealing with children, CPR Certification and training is always an important component to include in your services.

CPR certification at ACES