BLS 2 Rescuer Bag Mask Practice

A key aspect of Healthcare Provider BLS training is the use of a Bag Mask for two rescuers.  Here at CPR Northwest Washington, we make sure every student experiences plenty of two rescuer Bag Mask practice.  That insures they are well trained and very confident as an American Heart Association BLS Provider.  In the video below, two Healthcare Provider BLS students are practicing the use of of a Bag Mask for two rescuers.

A bag valve mask, is often referred to as a BVM and sometimes known by the name Ambu which references a specific manufacturer of the bag.  It also generically called a manual resuscitator or “self-inflating bag”.  It is a hand-held device commonly used to provide positive ventilation (or what a lay provider might call “breaths”) to patients who are not breathing. CPR infant - Bag Mask

The Bag Mask, typically includes a mask, a bag, (used to create the ventilation) and a valve.  They are often accompanied by an air hose that can connect to a supplemental Oxygen supply from a local valve.

The American Heart Association is an excellent resource and has detailed information about the uses and purposes of a Bag Mask for Healthcare Provider BLS students.  For more information click on this link:



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