CPR Northwest Washington is pleased to provide Advanced Post Acute with Healthcare Provider BLS training and certification.  At Advanced Post Acute they focus on how to make a difference in their resident’s lives, everything from their professional team to meals and great activities for their residents lives.  Even in a CPR emergency, they are ready.

CPR and BLS Training for the Staff

CPR Northwest Washington provides the best in emergency training for their staff.  This American Heart Association course covers the Chain of Survival, one and two-rescuer adult, child, and infant CPR, AED use, choking, and bag mask use.  CPR Northwest Washington is proud to help the excellent staff at Advanced Post Acute be ready for various medical emergencies.

Their Team is CPR trained!

Team CPR trained

Team CPR trained

At Advanced Post Acute, they have a dedicated staff that is available 24-hours a day 7 days a week to meet your care needs. They treat both residents and their families as valued friends and respected members of our community.  And they do so with the highest in professionalism.


Team CPR trained





When a family is unable to provide transportation, they can assist you in arranging transportation with an appropriate and reliable service. Advance Post Acute strives to arrange transportation services with reliable and prompt transportation companies to cover your transportation needs.




At Advanced Post Acute, they understand that activities and events enrich their residents’ lives. They have a variety of uplifting, engaging activities that create an environment where residents can enjoy social interaction and mental engagement. To further engage residents, activity coordinators work with residents to plan and execute a variety of activities. They work to make each activity challenging, interesting, educational, and fun. We hope that you will participate in the social and recreational activities that we offer to our residents.

Just a few of the activities at Advanced Post Acute include:

  • Coffee Talk
  • Onsite Movie Events
  • Seasonal Holiday Celebrations
  • Current Event Discussions
  • Religious & Worship Services
  • BBQs
  • Outdoor Events
  • Games

Providing interesting and varied activities and events is one more way we promote well-being, healing and recovery. They work hard to keep the joy in day-to-day life. All residents, be they short-term or long term have opportunities to enjoy a wide range of activities and events, designed to amuse, and entertain.

Click here to view our monthly activity calendar and to see upcoming events! 


Meals and Dinning

Good meals

Good meals

Advanced Post Acute provides at least three meals a day, and snacks are available between meals and at bedtime. Residents are encouraged to eat with friends and staff in the dining room, which is designed for a pleasant dining experience. Meals are created with healthy menus that accommodate each resident’s particular dietary needs, as prescribed by their physician.


They feature several options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as soup and salad and sandwiches to provide residents with a wider variety of meal choices. They provide details of the week’s meals in advance to encourage a healthy nutritional lifestyle.  And a nutrition program that provides fresh and nutritious meals. Residents enjoy regular, well-prepared, nutritious meals as ordered by your physician. A consulting Dietitian is contracted by the center to oversee all menus and diets.


Visitors are welcome to join residents for meals, but be sure to make arrangements for a guest meal ticket ahead of time and let your guest know the cost of the meal.

Contact information:

Advanced Post Acute
414 17th Street SE
Auburn, WA 98002

Tel (253) 833-1740
Fax (253) 833-2050

And for their website.http://advancedpostacute.com/

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