CPR Northwest Washington is proud to be the regional provider for excellent CPR, AED & First Aid training and certification for Bravo Environmental in Portland!  Bravo Environmental is the premier infrastructure maintenance & inspection company in the Northwest.

Bravo Environmental, along with operating the largest and best equipped fleet of Vactor trucks, tankers, and CCTV inspection units in the region, has field personnel are also among the best trained in the industry in terms of dealing with infrastructure maintenance and inspection and now as well as CPR skills.  Which is why CPR Northwest Washington was pleased to provide the best CPR, AED & First Aid instruction so that Bravo is also a business that practices the best in safety practices as well.

Bravo is a performance-based service and disposal company that strives to set the benchmark for quality and value. Bravo Environmental has bases of operations in Seattle and Portland, both of which are served by CPR Northwest Washington. The size of and variety of their fleet allows them to plan long-term projects while still maintaining the ability to respond to emergencies 24/7.

Bravo is committed to working with Northwest municipalities, construction, commercial and industrial companies to protect our precious water resources. Using Bravo for your infrastructure maintenance and inspection supports your efforts to achieve state and federal clean water guidelines — as well as Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance (CMOM) regulations.  And now after receiving excellent CPR, AED & First Aid instruction from CPR Northwest Washington, they are also OSHA compliant as well.

You can contact the Portland OR offices at 503.261.9800 or at http://www.bravoenvironmental.com/