Puyallup CPR Training Certification Class

Puyallup CPR Training Certification Class

Puyallup CPR Training Certification Class

CPR Northwest Washington is conveniently located for Puyallup folks needing Puyallup CPR Training Certification Class or BLS classes right where I5 meets I405 a half mile from Southcenter Mall.   CPR Northwest Washington offers an array of CPR classes six days a week with availability morning, afternoon and evenings to meet Puyallup’s CPR certification needs.  In terms of opportunities for local CPR training, Puyallup is very under served.  So CPR Northwest Washington will soon be opening a new CPR training center in Puyallup as well.

CPR Training Certification Class:  Lay Worker

For the business, corporate, construction employee in the Puyallup area, including the robust industrial and construction areas throughout the valley who are best served by Medic First Aid classes, CPR Northwest Washington offers CPR classes for every kind of lay worker who needs Adult CPR, AED and First Aid certification.   CPR Northwest Washington also meets the needs of various restaurants, childcare facilities, private and public educators and coaches at local school districts as well as workplace Safety Instructors with custom on-site CPR training or at our training center all designed to meet the needs of communities like Puyallup.

CPR Training Certification Class: BLS Certification:

For Healthcare Providers in the Puyallup area who work in medical facilities or Phlebotomy, MRI/Imaging, nursing and various outpatient doctor’s offices who need the American Heart Association Healthcare provider BLS Certification, CPR Northwest Washington offers multiple BLS classes through the week or we can come to Puyallup and provide on-site training as well.  In fact, almost 50% of CPR Northwest Washington’s CPR classes are taught on-site.  CPR Northwest Washington specializes in “on-site” training.

CPR Northwest Washington has multiple staff, certified as American Heart, Health and Safety Institute and American Red Cross instructors teaching CPR six days a week, we are experts at taking care of Puyallup’s CPR, AED and First Aid certification needs.

Fun Facts about Puyallaup:

Native Peoples

In the early 1830s, the first European settler of the Puyallup region, Dr. Tolmie explored what he called the “Poyallipa” valley. The indigenous people who lived here where friendly and so hospitable that Dr. Tolmie gave this tribe the name “Puyallup” which translates to “generous people.”

As time pased by the City Puyallup took root.  Puyallup is a scenic place that emerged among hops, succulent berries, and the beautiful flowers of the local bulb farmers. Another local founder and champion of the Oregon Trail, Ezra Meeker, planned the city in 1877.  This gave the new city and the river flowing through the fertile valley its unique name reflective of the indigenous peoples. Later the City of Puyallup was incorporated in 1890, and the same Ezra Meeker served as its first mayor. As was the case of much of Western Washington the livelihood for many local residents during the early years was primarily agriculture.

Ezra Meeker – Founding Father

A popular site for vacationers is Ezra Meeker’s Homestead.  The Meeker Mansion, at 321 East Pioneer, is well worth a visit. The Mansion was once home to Puyallup’s founder and first mayor, Ezra Meeker. Many of the original furnishings are on display and the home is on the National Historic Register. The mansion is owned and operated by the Puyallup Historical Society, and open for tours.

Puyallup Today:

Now Puyallup today is a community that offers a wide range of businesses and productivity.  Everything form construction to a wide range of health and medical services.  All of which are served by CPR Northwest Washington and our Puyallup CPR Training Certification Class availability, six days a week, morning, afternoon and evening.  CPR Northwest Washington will soon be opening a new training center right in Puyallup in order to serve not only Puyallup but also Sumner, Graham, Bonney Lake as wells as Buckley and Enumclaw.

Healthcare Provider BLS:

The Puyallup area is rich with Healthcare Provider entities that require Healthcare Provider BLS Training and Certification.  Puyallup Medical Center is a full service Healthcare Provider that CPR Northwest Washington is pleased to offer Healthcare Provider BLS Training and Certification and CPR Training Certification Class opportunities six days a week.  The Same is true for



John S, Director of Health, Safety and Environmental

“We needed a CPR Training Business that was flexible, reasonable priced, and could deliver a high quality training session, and CPR Northwest Washington met that criteria. 12 of our Management and Technicians attended a CPR Northwest Washington training session conducted at our facility and all attendees spoke highly of the quality and content of the training they received. Without question, we will continue to use CPR Northwest Washington in the future for our training needs.” (show more) John S, CSP Director of Health, Safety, and Environmental


The class was great! The instructor was friendly and efficient, yet very thorough. I ended up being the only one in the class today, but he was kind enough to not have me reschedule. I definitely recommend CPR Northwest Washington to anyone needing to be certified.


Best CPR certification class I have ever taken. I appreciated that CPR Northwest Washington offers multiple classes six days a week and at multiple times. I highly recommend CPR Northwest Washington!!!


Great communication and effective instructor. Up- to-date material and demonstration. Great class for the untrained or people needing renewals.

Doretta R.

The CPR class was actually enjoyable. I needed to take the class because I work with children each week. Each class member received personal attention and correction where needed. I have never taken this class before but by the time we were finished, they had made sure everyone knew all the steps. They watched everyone perform CPR until each had done it correctly.

Kyle Johannes

I needed CPR, AED, and First Aid training on short notice so I could be eligible to coach football. Steve called me back promptly on a weekend and met me for a special session to ensure I could be on the field on day one. His quick response, personal accommodation, and attention to detail were excellent. Highly recommended. You will learn a lot in a relaxed and fun environment.