CPR training certification as provided by CPR Northwest Washington is a great match for Talley Inc.  Talley Inc.
has been the leading distributor of wireless communications infrastructure and highly values the safety on the work site.

CPR training certification:

CPR Northwest Washington offers “On-site” training without adding an extra charge for coming to your location, nor do we add a charge for each manikin, AED and pocket mask we bring to teach your CPR classes.

CPR Northwest Washington teaches the importance of high quality compressions and chest recoil during CPR training certification because compressions and chest recoil pumps oxygenated blood to both the heart and brain giving the victim the best chance of survival.

Learning to use an AED is important because the AED, when used properly the AED can restore a normal heart rhythm and stop an Arrhythmia or Fibrillation.

While Talley’s headquarters are located in California, they have branch locations throughout the country.  They are also a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience.  Talley provides great customer service, as well as products from more than 300 of the industry’s wireless communications manufacturers. Talley also provides excellent equipment and parts for the nations wireless communications systems business as well such as the latest in fiber and connectivity, extensive custom cable assemblies, land mobile radio products, and wireless infrastructure.

CPR training certification

CPR training certification

Talley’s mission is to provide the best service in the industry.  And part of that is making sure thier excellent staff are full supported in terms of CPR training and certification as well as first aid training.  This allows them to provide customers with the best products at the best price.


 About Talley:

Talley serves customers in multiple industry segments like wireless communications, infrastructure and mobile communications by stocking inventory from over 300 top industry suppliers for these industries.

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