Because West Coast Nannies is Seattle’s Boutique Staffing Agency and they care about your child’s health and safety, they use CPR Northwest Washington for their staff’s CPR training.



They now you’re busy, they get that!

West Coast Nannies understands the busy northwest lifestyle and how busy you are.  Consequently, they are an excellent full service boutique staffing agency serving the Greater Seattle Area.

Finding a nanny can be a daunting and exhausting experience, especially while juggling work and family life. West Coast Nannies are here to help! As an agency with a staff of experienced and trained staff they will help you find the perfect fit for your family; leaving you with less stress, and more time!

CPR, AED and First Aid Training for your nanny

Part of that training includes excellent CPR, AED & First Aid skills to safeguard your loved ones in an emergency. CPR Northwest Washington is proud to partner with West Coast Nannies the best trained nannies to provide successful and meaningful matches for your family.

Nicola D. Church, Owner/Director

Nicola Church

Nicola Church

West Coast Nannies was founded by Nicola Church to meet Seattle’s need for convenient, personal and affordable nanny agencies. They proudly support Puget Sound’s diverse community with the best in nanny care.

Nicola holds an Honors Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies. She is passionate about staying current with regard to the latest child and family related information and education. She has also recently completed her certificate of Child Nutrition.

She has spent more than a decade working directly with children and families in a variety of settings. This includes experience teaching abroad, teaching in the school system and childcare centers, as well as placements as a nanny and household manager in private homes with a variety of families. Given her background and experience, she has gained a variety of skills and resources which makes her and West Coast Nannies your family’s best resource.  Nicola has also completed post-secondary education in this field during her time as a teacher and nanny. She is passionate with regard to using this knowledge and her specific skill set within her agency, all with the purpose of creating successful partnerships between families and nannies.

Why Choose West Coast Nannies?

CPR Training for your Nanny

CPR Training for your Nanny

In a phrase; personal service! West Coast Nannies is a locally owned boutique agency that specializes in household placement; households like yours. They are a people based business, They love to operate on an intimate basis rather than just connecting to a website.

We strive to be personally available for both families and nannies at all times. Rather than having a focus on numbers, West Coast Nannies works with a handful of families at a time to allow a personal touch. This allows West Coast Nannies to provide individual personalized service to both our families and our nannies. We care about our families, and our top priority is finding the perfect match! Every family and every nanny works directly with Nicola Church. She brings her expertise to every relationship to effectively assess your family’s needs, gather suitable candidates, and in turn, find you the perfect match for your family.

Contact West Coast Nannies.

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